Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blackmail Highway

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Welcome to -- GODdess Valentine's -- "oh so safe"
Submissive Male CONFESSIONAL
[A 6-minute mp3]

That was just the first 10 seconds.  Now click below to enter the sanctuary of My submissive male confessional and to hear the rest.   And
don't worry.  There is nothing to fear.  Even though this feature is part of My "Blackmail Highway", what happens in My confessional stays
in My confessional  (or, at least, it "probably" does LOL).


The continuing saga of:
The boy who begged for blackmail.
On My blog, I posted two emails that I received from a boy who first begged to be blackmailed -- and then, after sending Me all his personal information, begged Me not to.  I received a LOT of suggestions about whether or not to proceed with blackmailing him.  Now, you can read (through copies of emails and chat transcripts) what I decided to do with him (including his punishments).  Each ptv costs a token $10, which I'm charging to frustrate the pathetic "never open their wallets" paypet wannabes.  Those losers not only don't get to read all about this blackmail/financial domination case, but also miss out on the gorgeous worship images of My Perfect Self that I've included with each ptv.
Did I, or didn't I, decided to blackmail him?Did

Update on the case:  The intensification of his training.  id

What is it??  It's not "exactly" blackmail.  But -- sort of.  Confused?  Well -- for those who are too nervous to give Me all their personal identifying information, but who still crave the excitement of true blackmail, THIS IS FOR YOU!!  Listen as I describe, in My seductively sultry voice, exactly what becoming a "GRAYMAIL" slave
is all about and what you would have to do to experience the exquisite
pleasure of becoming one of My new GRAYMAIL financial domination slaves!


Phone Call with a Blackmail Slave
Listen in as I talk with one of My blackmail pets about exactly what he will have to do to avoid having all his personal information posted online or sent to his wife or boss.  You will hear -- clearly and convincingly -- how real My blackmail play can be!  You'll hear Me -- AND HIM -- his pathetic and futile begging for Me not to be too cruel and demanding!  And (unlike him) you'll love the tormenting "cliffhanger" at the end of the call!!


Time for you to play My totally mesmerizing
Spiral into Blackmail game
It starts out so very safe -- but will you be able to resist ending up as one of
My wallet-raped blackmail pets?


[More] Phone Calls with a Blackmail Slave
Can you imagine the hell that this poor blackmail slave is going through? Terrified that I will expose him.  Frantic to pay the "hush" money every week.  Well -- you don't have to imagine
it.  You can HEAR more of it -- as he and I chat again and as the blackmail costs go up -- and up -- and up LOL!

 It was time for another chat with My slave.  This time, you get to listen in as he TRAPS HIMSELF into having to pay even more each week, and only AFTER THAT does he learn the REAL reason why I'd scheduled this phone call with him.  He just about dies when he hears what I've done -- and why I'm displeased with him -- and what it will cost!

Blackmailing Danny!!

Recordings that I sent My blackmail slave Danny during the time when I was raping his wallet for thousands.  When you are listening to them -- think about how you might react if I had sent these recording to you!  Click below to send your tribute for the first MP3.


Blackmail Contract/Questionnaire
There are few experiences as intense and exciting for a financial submissive
as being blackmailed by a beautiful young GODdess.  Complete this questionnaire fully and honestly -- and I guarantee your life will never be dull (or the same) again!!


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